About Me

About Me

I am a creative manager living in Paradise Valley, Arizona. In addition to digital marketing, platform development and the creative campaigns of nationwide clients I am into gardening, furniture and being outdoors. This is the About Me page and an introduction to the site.

We purchased a home in 2011 on an acre of land. It was essentially a blank canvas and after a 12 month period of external home renovations we broke ground on the garden.

The garden is essentially two areas, both of which will be designed to reflect/compliment the style of the house. The outside garden is the open area to the front and both sides of the property. The back garden is walled in.

The outside yard is open and as such exposed to rabbits, ground squirrels, coyotes and other animals. We are leaving this area as native as possible, to both cut down on water use and use native plants in an attempt to lower the time needed to maintain an acre alone. We have had plenty of native plant donations from kind neighbors.

The rear garden is walled and thankfully devoid of rabbits although we still have a regular stream of coyotes passing through. This area will be more structured and contain areas for entertaining, growing vegetables, a perennial meadow and plenty of shade trees.

The story of our garden’s growth will be recorded on this site, there will be select images in the portfolio sections and contacts for garden design and sub contractors used etc on other pages.

Well, enough of this, feel free to comment or ask questions wherever you need to.

Contact info is on khloe.com