Meadow’s first haircut

Meadow cut and reseed.

Following a period of frost the temperatures have started to rise. The meadow populated well last year but in an effort to expand the grasses coverage we decided to collect seed from the grasses we wanted more of, and remove anything that didn’t take so well. We filled a 5 gallon bucket with Deergrass, Purple [...]

Telescopic Irrigation

Telescopic sprinkler irrigation

As the trees grow and fill out it’s become increasingly difficult to water the meadow. a lot of the water from standard sprinklers simple hits the tree and drips down to the soil. Time to try some telescopic irrigation. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of the plastic sprinklers with internal gearboxes we decided [...]

Landscape Lighting

Final LED lighting setup.

After much deliberation we decided which landscape lighting to install. Neither of us were fond of LED lighting finding the light particularly cold and uninviting but the energy savings couldn’t be ignored. On a random visit to Lowes we found their portfolio range to be a little warmer than Home Depot’s equivalent and we set [...]

Winter Vegetables

Early Japanese Eggplant

The weekend was spent recommissioning the summers vegetable boxes. Any remaining roots were dug up from the tomatos and green bean plants. New rich soil was added to help the winter season vegetables grow. We planted a mix of bulbs and seeds, mainly to keep the cost down. the irrigation was updated to in order [...]

Meadow Update

End of summer meadow growth

With a pool and patio in place we could sow the rest of our seed for the meadow. We watered extensively through the summer and while it’s not taken off at the rate I’d hoped there is some green around the pool, the dust is lower and the movement of the grass in the wind [...]

Fire Pit

Modern Fire Pit

I’d always wanted to have a go at welding and our inability to find a nice looking fire place led us to purchase a wire welder and some steel. We already have many other uses for the equipment and are excited to be considering adding metal to some planned sculptures. We picked up some 3/16″ [...]

An unwelcome swimmer

unwelcome swimmer

Seeing a snake in the pool while swimming isn’t a particularly pleasant experience. What I thought was a leaf soon had a wake behind it and once it was about 10 feet away I realized what it was. I’ve no idea how long it was in the pool and I like to think it was [...]


Phoenix rain storms 2014

August and September brought some spectacular rain to Phoenix. In one storm we had over 5 inches of rain fall in one hour. To put i in perspective Phoenix normally has under 10 inches a year. While we experienced a few washouts on the front garden we were incredibly lucky and impressed how our drain [...]