Landscape Lighting

After much deliberation we decided which landscape lighting to install. Neither of us were fond of LED lighting finding the light particularly cold and uninviting but the energy savings couldn’t be ignored. On a random visit to Lowes we found their portfolio range to be a little warmer than Home Depot’s equivalent and we set about planning what to light.
The 100 watt lighting transformer was $53, the 200 watt $58 and the 600 watt $199. given the low power draw of LED we decided to go for two 200 watt transformers which gave us a 400 watt total for the least money.

The finished lighting

Landscape Lighting

The transformers were mounted next to each other to ensure the light sensors received a similar amount of light and the lights would light at the same time. Each tranformer senses dusk and stays on for a preset number of hours after dark.

The initial plant was to down light from the taller trees but given the height of our eucalyptus and the amount of cable we’d need it was decided to uplight using the well lights.

The east side of the garden used 8 well lights, a spot light for the sculpture and a path light to illuminate the concrete bench. the west side uses 3 well lights, two spot/flood lights for sculpture and two broad flood lights to illuminate the painted wall on the south side.

The installation was only time consuming given the amount of wire we had to bury – each line took over 200 ft of wire.

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