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An unwelcome swimmer

unwelcome swimmer

Seeing a snake in the pool while swimming isn’t a particularly pleasant experience. What I thought was a leaf soon had a wake behind it and once it was about 10 feet away I realized what it was. I’ve no idea how long it was in the pool and I like to think it was [...]

Gopher Snake


A couple of passing cyclists stopped us from finishing our front yard to tell us about a large gopher snake on the west side of our house. He looked to have eaten fairly recently, There were a few bumps along its body. The rabbit mesh worked great keeping the snake out, temporarily anyway! The rabbit [...]


I was clearing up some green waste in order that I can take inert materials to teh landfill and pay $15 a ton instead of $48! When I moved som edead cactus I was greeted with these multicolored eggs. I’m assuming they belong to some quail, we frequenlty have them passing through. Quail Eggs along [...]


The snake appeared as I was lying on the floor trying to figure out removing a tree. I was impressed with how silent the approach was and how it literally was a few metres from me before it was brought to my attention. It crossed the driveway and quickly reached the cactus where the new [...]

The area

This is the blank canvas. The original owner had walled in a smaller area inside the acre. I figure they wanted to control the cost and time of maintaining such a large area. This is the west side facing south. The view directly south. I’ve already positioned a few rocks to start thinking about where [...]